Banoffee Pie

Desserts are something I rarely tackle – I’m not a huge lover of baking and have always favoured savoury food over outright sweetness.  However, it suddenly dawned on me just how long it’s been since I had this classic dish and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  The name – a rather obvious portmanteau – tells you just about everything you need to know.  This pie combines delicious, dark, rich toffee and that brilliant rounded sweetness of bananas.  The two meet atop a buttery biscuit base and are topped off with a layer of whipped cream and chocolate.  It pretty much defines decadence but we’ve all earned a treat.

Making this is somewhat time consuming, but much of this is inactive time wherein you’re waiting for elements to cool or firm up.  It’s surprisingly easy in terms of labour, and with only 6 ingredients at its core it’s massively economic.

You can, of course, jazz up the caramel by stirring through some large chunks of sea salt before spreading it atop the bananas.  You’ll also notice that – contrary to many recipes – I put the bananas underneath the caramel.  This is personal preference, as I feel it has the key advantage of stopping the somewhat ugly discolouration that bananas take on when exposed to the air.  As always, these are just my ideas and there’s no need to go with them.


  • Tin of sweetened condensed milk
  • Packet of biscuits – preferably hobnobs
  • 1 tbsp butter per 6 biscuits
  • Several ripe bananas
  • Double/Heavy cream
  • Chocolate/cocoa powder


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