Grilled Lemonade

That’s right, you read it – grilled lemonade.  While it may initially sound totally impossible, you’ll soon see that not only is it possible – it is THE way to drink fresh lemonade.  Fresh lemonade has a delicious mix of sweet and sour that provides a cool, crisp freshness on a hot day.  By dipping the lemons in sugar and then cooking them, you create a sort of lemon flavoured caramel that provides the basis of the sauce.  The caramelised quality offers a subtle nutty warmth to the overall experience, comparable somewhat to a malt/maple flavour.

I also suped this up with some herbs – you’ll notice I roll them between my hands before adding them.  This is to encourage the flavourful oils in the herbs to make themselves known, rather than the somewhat vegetable-like flavour hidden underneath.  I really can’t emphasise enough the importance of fragrant oils in food – one of the huge advantaes of crushing the lemons as I do is you also get all of that oil hidden in the lemon peel, the same stuff that makes the difference between a mediocre and a great cocktail.  Both herbs are, of course, optional, but I think they add a certain complexity to this that really rounds it off.

This recipe really does embody the Guesscipe spirit of estimation and adjustment – I’ve listed ingredients below, but you’ll find you may need to play with them a bit.  My main advice would be to make sure you have plenty of lemons and to add the water at the end slowly.  Build it up, tasting as you go.  That way you won’t over-dilute it.  The only important bit really is to make sure you use equal amounts of sugar and water for the syrup.


For the simple syrup

  • Equal parts sugar and water 
  • Optional basil/mint

For the rest

  • Sugar
  • Lemons
  • Water
  • Optional basil/mint

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