Sweet Curry Fries

Anglo-Indian food is an absolute staple of UK takeaways, and while we may differ in many of our choices – korma or vindaloo, peshwari or garlic naan, bombay aloo or saag – we can all agree on one thing.  Aren’t the poppadoms lovely?  Beautiful crisp discs topped with onion, mint yoghurt, mango chutney and if…

Pretentious Ham, Egg and Chips (with a Pea Purée)

Ham, Egg and Chips is a staple of British pub food and simple home cooking in Britain.  Quick, easy and satisfying…so I thought how can I make this needlessly complicated and overthought?  Fact remains that this dish was absolutely delicious, very filling and visually gorgeous.  Definitely a fun one for when you’re entertaining dinner guests.